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Mice: The true masters of hide and squeak.

These tiny troublemakers, though unassuming in size, can wreak havoc within the walls of your home. Their presence may lead to damage to property and potential health concerns. Don't underestimate their ability to multiply and navigate your living spaces unnoticed. Timely and comprehensive pest control is the key to freedom from these mischief-makers.



Buff or Grey

Small, black protruding eyes

Nearly hairless ears and tail

3-4 inches with a 2-4 inch tail


Prefer living in homes, farms, and commercial structures, showcasing their adaptability.

Able to fit through quarter-inch openings, they excel at infiltrating buildings

Agile climbers, they access various points within structures

Nocturnal creatures, keen senses to navigate effectively in low-light conditions

Proficient swimmers, mice adapt to environments with water sources

Versatile rodents, thriving in diverse environments


No, you don't need to rush out and adopt a feline friend; all you require is the expertise of a professional pest control service to take on the house mice. When confronted with the intrusion of these adaptable rodents, the services of trained specialists become imperative. Trained specialists bring a comprehensive approach to the table, addressing immediate infestations and implementing preventative measures for lasting relief. Their strategic methods ensure a quick and efficient resolution from identifying entry points to employing targeted treatments. Let the professionals handle the pests while you sit back and enjoy a mouse-free home sweet home.


Sometimes a mouse problem can be solved by following these tips below.

Seal Entry Points: Identify and seal any cracks or gaps in the building's exterior to prevent mice from entering.


Maintain Cleanliness: Regularly clean and sanitize living spaces, eliminating potential food sources and hiding spots.


Use Traps: Employ snap traps or humane traps strategically placed along common mouse pathways.


In many cases, a professional pest control service is needed. We employ various methods, including:

Chemical Baits: Professional-grade rodenticides in locked containers are strategically placed to target mouse populations.


Exclusion Techniques: Identifying and sealing entry points using specialized materials to prevent mouse infiltration.


Monitoring and Prevention: Implementing ongoing monitoring programs to catch and address potential mouse issues early.


Regularly clean and sweep to eliminate crumbs and potential food sources that attract mice.

Store your food in tightly sealed containers to prevent easy access and keep it fresh.

Seal any openings or cracks around your home to create a barrier that discourages mice from nesting.

Store pet food in sealed containers and avoid leaving it out overnight to deter mice and maintain freshness.

Health Risks

House mice are carriers of various diseases, posing health risks to humans. Diseases such as Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, and Leptospirosis can be transmitted through direct contact with mouse droppings, urine, or saliva. Proper precautions should be taken when handling areas contaminated by mice.


Wear gloves and a mask

Ventilate the area, circulate fresh air

Disinfect area including surfaces and objects

Use disposable cleaning materials

Avoid stirring up particles, use wet cleaning methods

Thoroughly wash hands


Our rodent control approach guarantees lasting solutions for a pest-free home. With a professional team and eco-friendly methods, we prioritize precision in both eradication and prevention. Your peace of mind is our priority, and our commitment to excellence guarantees satisfaction that goes above and beyond, contact us at 270-564-8077.

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